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1. Apply online
We are not accepting applications at this moment.
Regarding future applications and selection dates, please keep checking this page.
Dates will be updated as soon as a new selection is open.
A. Read carefully all details on this page.
B. Please keep checking this webpage for additional information and/or updates regarding selection process dates, etc…
C. You do NOT need to inquire about the status of your application. Candidates will be notified by telephone calls, email or SMS to proceed to the next step as required. Make sure you provide in addition to your correct mobile number, two email addresses and ensure that your inbox is not full.
D. All information must be correct. Any false declaration, whenever discovered, will result in annulment of your application and/or selection process.
E. If your application meets the requirements it will be acknowledged; you will be emailed with questions which should be answered as soon as possible and within a deadline specified in the email. Failing to do so may annul your application. You will NOT receive a confirmation to your answers, So proceed to execute step 2 & 3 below immediately.
F. If you believe you meet all the requirements and still did not receive webmail questions contact us immediately.
G. Do NOT contact Flight Training Europe for any reason, if you have a query contact MEA.
H. The last date for receiving online applications was 14 July 2017. Applications after this date will NOT be accepted.
Regarding future applications and selection dates, please keep checking this page.
Dates will be updated as soon as a new selection is open.
I. Deadlines MUST be respected.
2. After submitting your online application and receiving a webmail questionnaire, you are supposed to make a non-refundable payment of the examination fees as below
  A. Of US$ 300.00 Three hundred US dollars to be paid at any Bank Audi branch by cash deposit in:

   "MEA Cadet Pilot Training Program"
    Account 407081-461-002-004-341,
    IBAN no.# LB97-0056-0004-0708-1461-0020-0434,
    Plaza Bab Idriss branch

- In United States Dollars only
- Please keep your receipt and make sure your ID number and name are mentioned on the receipt.
B. Before 21 July 2017 .
3. Send the following as soon as possible to MEA address:
  A. A Copy of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or official equivalence.
B. A New extract of the personal civil record status (with issuance date less than three months).
C. A New Judicial record (with issuance date less than one month).
D. Two passport - size photos.
E.One picture showing all body length (face)
F.One picture showing all body length (profile)
G. A copy of your fee payment receipt paid in US dollars (ID number and name mentioned by bank).
H. A recent university transcript (latest one you can get).
I. A certificate letter stating your university completed years and expected year of graduation in addition to completed credits out of total credits required for graduation.
J.Copy of university degree (if available).
K.Copy of your CPL/IR (if available).
L. A dated statement signed by your doctor or physician stating your current height and weight.
The deadline for these documents to be received by MEA was 28 July 2017. Please allow enough time for mail delivery. If post office cannot confirm delivery within deadline, call us.
4. Proceed for the written examination as per the Selection Process.
  Obviously, your COMPLETE documents (in 3. Above) should be received BEFORE THE DEADLINE and as described, otherwise your application will not be completed and you will NOT be admitted for the written examinations. If you have any doubts, call us to confirm compliance and/or receipt.
5. Later send complete documentation as per checklist (form-1, items 1 to 4 inclusive) by express courier or by registered mail to MEA address, after being notified that you have passed the written examination.
  A. It is your responsibility to make sure that all required documents are included in your file in original or certified copies.
B. Your name must be printed on the cover in the following format: FAMILY, First, father (no ‘el’ or ‘al’ for family name) for example: for family name El-Hajj write HAJJ (el).
C. The latest date for this file to be received in MEA was 13 October 2017. Any file received after this date will NOT be considered.

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