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1. General Requirements
  A. Lebanese Nationality.
B. Recent and clean judicial record.
C. Medically fit.
D. Prepared to undergo rigorous medical testing, theoretical, and flight training.
E. Have not applied more than once to the program. Only one repeat is allowed.
2. Age
  Born between 01/01/1993 and 31/12/1998 (both dates inclusive).
3. Education
  A. Lebanese Baccalaureate or official equivalence .
 B. Holding a university (any major) degree or CPL/IR
  C. Candidates who are in their last year of university and are expecting to graduate before August 2019, may apply and shall be considered. However, they will not be accepted for training until they earn their degrees.
4. Physical Requirements
  A. Acceptable physical appearance.
B. Height: minimum of 170 cm for males and 168 cm for females.
C. Weight: appropriate to height.
D. Adequate Body Mass Index (BMI)
5. Medical Requirements
  A. In good health.
B. MEA’s Cadet Pilot Medical screening form to be Completed , Approved and Signed by your physician, (download form 3)
C. Non smoker; if you are a smoker you must stop smoking (proof is required).
6. Languages speaking reading and writing
  A. English
B. Arabic
7. Competences
  A. Math
B. Physics
C. Mechanical comprehension
D. General aptitude
E. Computer skills / Pilot aptitude.

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