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Selection Process

Selection process shall be completed in stages as shown below. Moving to the next stage is conditional on passing the previous one.
You are kindly requested to ensure the availability of your (2) email addresses and the space capacity of your inbox to receive our emails.
You do NOT need to inquire about the status of your application, candidates will Only the notified candidates will be required to proceed to the next steps.
All tests, examinations, interview, medical exams’ results are the property of MEA, and will not be revealed to neither applicants nor any other party.
MEA’s decision is final, and is not subject to dispute or justification.
Deadlines must be respected .
1. Examinations
  Examinations (Day1)
These examinations are designed to measure your academic ability in mathematics and physics, and are based on the Scientific Lebanese Baccalaureate program. Except for the English essay, all exams are in objective form (i.e. multiple-choice questions), and without penalty for wrong answers.

* Location: at American University of Beirut, Nicely, Room 500.
* Date: was on 28 June 2018.
* Time: You are required to be present for the examination as of 8:30 a.m.

The Following is the proposed examination schedule:
09:00-11:30    Physics and Math achievement Tests.
11:30-12:00    Break
12:00-13:30    General Ability test, Mechanical, Spatial aptitude.
13:30-14:00    Break
14:00-17:00    English: including 30 minutes essay.

Examination (Day 2):
09:00-17:00    English oral interviews

* Location: at American University of Beirut, West Hall, 4th floor.
* Date: was on 06 September 2018.
* Time: You are required to be present for the examination as of 9:00 a.m.

The examinations will include:
  A. Achievement tests in Mathematics and Physics:
  • Math test is made up of 30 items (sample questions) and
• Physics test is made up of 40 items including 10 items related to Aviation (sample questions)
The questions are multiple choice each with four alternatives, one of which is the correct answer.

The duration of each test is 60 minutes. Scientific calculators (NOT graphic calculators) are allowed. Programmable calculators are NOT ALLOWED and shall be removed from the applicant before the exam. Substitute calculators shall not be provided.
  B. An English proficiency test:
  Consists of 120 questions and takes about two hours to complete. It will have two major parts:
(1) An objective part which tests your abilities in listening comprehension, written communication, and reading comprehension:
Listening Comprehension 30 Questions 20 minutes
Part A: Short Conversations 8 Questions
Part B: Long Conversations 12 Questions
Part C: Talks 10 Questions
Written Communication 40 Questions 30 minutes
Part A: Sentence Completion

20 Questions

Part B: Error Recognition

10 Questions

Part C: Paragraph Editing

10 Questions
Reading Comprehension 50 Questions 65 minutes
Part A: Sentence Completion 15 Questions
Part B: Passage Comprehension 35Questions

Total 120 Questions 115 minutes
  (2) A subjective essay part that tests your ability to communicate effectively in writing. It is a half an hour test.
  C. A general Cognitive ability test:
  It measures your ability to learn, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions. It is a 12 minutes test consisting of 50 questions. (sample questions)
  D. Specialized aptitude tests in Mechanical:
  This assessment evaluates the ability to understand basic mechanical principles of machinery, tools and motion. This ability is important for any sort of work involving the design, operation or repair of equipment and is also very important in the field of engineering. It is a 20 minutes test consisting of 45 (description) .
  E. Spatial relations:
  This assessment evaluates the ability to visualize a three-dimensional object from a two-dimensional pattern and how this object would look if rotated in space. This ability is important in fields or occupations requiring visualization. This ability is needed for any form of work in which it is important to be able to visualize objects and to understand how they relate to each other. It is a 15 minutes test consisting of 35 problems. (description) .
F.  English oral Interview:
  It will be around half an hour interview. it include evaluating your oral proficiency and obtaining a measure of your communicative language. This will be done using structured interviews that will assess your pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions in a series of work-related interviews, interactions and discussions.

On the day of the written examination, you are required to bring with you the following documents:
• Recent extract personal civil record status (with issuance date less than 3 months)   إخراج قيد جديد
• Lebanese ID or valid Lebanese Passport.
• Bank Audi’s payment receipt (ID number and name mentioned).
  All required material will be distributed before the test (pens, pencils, answer sheets, draft sheets, etc...).
2. Initial medical checkup
  Once you get notified that you have passed the academic examination, you will be given an appointment with an MEA Chief Medical Officer for preliminary medical examination.

* Location: MEA Headquarters, Rafic Hariri International Airport.
   (Report to Head of Operations Administration Office, Dr. Khaled Traboulsi)
* Date: Started on 16 August 2018 .
* Time: As per your communicated appointment.
3. Flight Training School : Job Suitability and Assessment

  A The following tests are tailored to assess your suitability to perform pilot duties against the flight training school criteria . They include mental, sensory, interactive and emotional capabilities. They will evaluate your academic potential to cope with ground school as well as your physical ability to fly aircraft. For FTE Assessment Guidance material (download)

* Location: MEA Headquarters, Rafic Hariri International Airport
   (Report to Head of Operations Administration Office, Dr. Khaled Traboulsi)
* Date: was during the week of 17 September 2018.
* Time: By appointment (We will notify you)

There will be (morning and afternoon) a four-hour testing sessions (08:00-12:30 & 13:00-17:30), as follows, dedicated to test your Academic and Flying ability, in addition to your Personality. Sessions will be preceded by thirty minutes briefings.
A. Educational potential
1-One hour multiple choice Math & Physics written test (no penalty for wrong answers).
2. One hour reasoning written test.
        A. Numerical reasoning
        B. Numeracy
        C. Verbal reasoning
B. Flying ability (Pilot aptitude)
One-hour computer delivered tests assessing your coping with 2D & 3D environment, special awareness and information processing ability. Time element is involved.
C- Personality evaluation
One hour interview designed to find more about your personality irrelevant of your academic and flying potentials.
• Please make sure you know the date, time and location of your test which will be provided to you.
• You have to report 30 minutes before the tests beginning.
• All details and explanations will be given in the briefing sessions before the tests.
• Multiple choice questions without penalty for wrong answers.
• Time element is involved .
• You will be allowed to use calculators, pens and papers .
• No sample questions available, please don’t ask for any.
4. Interviews:
  * Location: MEA Headquarters, Rafic Hariri International Airport
   (Report to Head of Operations Administration Office, Dr. Khaled Traboulsi)
* Date: During 29 and 31 October, and 1 November 2018.
* Time: By appointment (We will notify you).
5. Medical examination at MEA’s specified medical center (estimated cost is US$1000)
* Location: at the American University of Beirut Medical Center - Family Medicine Department, Wassef and Souad Sawwaf Building click here
* Date: Planned during the week of 05 November 2018.
* Time: By appointment (We will notify you)

• You have to report on the specified date at 08:00 a.m., and you should be fasting
   (Refrain from eating or drinking from 10 p.m. during the previous night).
• You should have your Lebanese ID card with you on the day of the examination.
• You have to clearly fill in, and sign the medical form given to you at the medical institution.
• You have to provide detailed reports about surgeries or medical operations you previously did, and you should present them to the institution’s medical representative.
• Results should be within MEA’s acceptable limits and standards. Results outside acceptable limits are disqualifying.
• All medical results are confidential and are the property of MEA.
This is a complete medical profile examination which includes, but is not limited to:
A. Complete blood test: CBC, FBS, HbA1C, Lipid profile, HIV, HbsAg
B. Urinalysis
C. Echocardiography: EEG (electro-encephalogram); ECG stress and cardiac U/S; Stress/Echo/Doppler
D. Chest X ray
E. Eye examination (phorias)
F. Sight:
        • Near vision: correction not acceptable .
        • Good and stable distant vision: minor correction up to 1 degree with 100% correction is acceptable.
        • Astigmatism and/or daltonism (color blindness) are not acceptable .
        • LASIK and/or vision correction eye surgeries could be accepted subject to further tests and           continuous monitoring by specialists.
G. Audiogram.
H. Speech deficiency (stuttering).
I. Family history of metabolic nutritional and endocrine disorders.
J. Heart deficiencies and diseases are disqualifying.
K. Congenital diseases must be declared and will be considered on case by case basis.

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