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Contractual & Financial.

1. Contract
  A.Term of the Contract: Once selected to join MEA’s Cadet Pilot Training Program, you will be required to sign a Contract with MEA for Ten Contractual Years, starting from the date of employment, and valid thereafter.
  B.Starting salary as “First Officer” is approximately US$3,500.00
2. Cost of training
  Successful applicants shall bear the costs of their initial (ab-initio) training estimated at US$ 125,000.
  However, in case of financial difficulty, MEA may assist in arranging a credit facility based on a written request (Download form 4) from the Cadet pilot subject to the evaluation and results of a Committee that will carry out a Social Investigation concerning the Cadet’s financial situation. The amount of loan shall be repayable by the Cadet Pilot effective from the first month of his/her employment in the Company, with an annual interest set according to MEA’s cost of fund currently at 4.5% and a rate of deduction of 25% from his/her monthly salary.
  The granting of the above mentioned credit requires the provision of US$ 100,000 as a bank guarantee acceptable to MEA, and /or a real estate mortgage in the value of not less than US$ 150,000.00 acceptable to MEA for the period of the loan.
  Cadet pilots willing to pay fully their Training Phase costs, without any financial assistance from MEA, shall be given the priority to start their training and will receive $10,000 contribution from MEA upon fixation after training (بعد التثبيت).
A. Ab-Initio training: US$ 125,000.00 (estimated)
1. If a loan is not required, the cadet pilot must settle the following payments as specified here under:
  A. US$ 45,000 on the date of Contract’s signature.
  B. US$ 40,000 after 3 months starting from the date of the Training Phase.
  C. US$ 40,000 after 6 months starting from the date of the Training Phase.
Payments can be made favor “Middle East Airlines” by transfer to:

   "MEA Cadet Pilot Training Program"
    Account 407081-461-002-004-341,
    IBAN no.# LB97-0056-0004-0708-1461-0020-0434,
    Plaza Bab Idriss branch

- In United States Dollars only
- Please keep your receipt and make sure your ID number and name are mentioned on the receipt

2. If a loan is required, the cadet pilot must pay the following amounts and provide the required guarantees:
  A. Initial payment: US$ 25,000.
  B. Amount to be lent: US$ 100,000 (estimated) against securing a real estate mortgage in the amount of US$ 150,000, and/ or a bank guarantee (download sample form 7) acceptable to MEA in the amount of US$ 100,000.
  C. Balance shall be collected via installments after the end of the Training Phase, and the date of release of the Cadet as a First Officer . ( مساعد قائد طائرة )
B. Type rating: US$ 75,000.00 (estimated)
  A. For the purpose of the type rating, the Cadet pilot is required to provide a 'Certified Personal Guarantee in Solidarity with a sponsor acceptable to MEA'  ( كفالة شخصية بالتضامن مصادق عليها من كاتب عدل ) (download sample form 8).
  B. Type rating costs shall be debited to the personal account of the Cadet with the legal interest.
  C. This debt shall be waived when all legal, contractual and financial obligations are fully respected by the cadet pilot. .
3. Insurance
  The cadet pilot is required to undertake a Life and Personal Accident temporary Insurance covering but not limited to flying risks as a cadet pilot in the amount of US$ 125,000 naming MEA as the sole beneficiary (download form 5)
MEA shall contract out an insurance policy on behalf of the Cadet and at his/her own expense, which shall be debited to the personal account of the Cadet .
4. Formalities and Travel Arrangements
  They will be handled by MEA, knowing that all estimated expenses are accounted for within the total cost of the Training Phase.

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