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Required documents & File setting.

  All documents must be originals or in certified copies:
  Your name must be clearly written.
  Required documents shall be presented in the following order:
1. Personal data
  A. Completed checklist (download form 1)
B. Personal information summary, dated and signed (download form 2)
C. Recent CV
D. Copy of your Lebanese ID or Passport (valid 2 years minimum)
E. Copy of your foreign passport - if any
F. Recent extract personal civil record status (with issuance date less than three months)   إخراج قيد فردي
G. Recent extract family civil record status (with issuance date less than three months)  إخراج قيد عائلي
H. Twelve recent passport size photographs (as per visa standard)
I.One picture showing all body length (face)
J.One picture showing all body length (profile)
2. Education
  A.Official Baccalaureate certificate or official equivalence by Lebanese Ministry of Education
B. Official Baccalaureate grades
C. School grades & records (the last two years)
D. A certificate letter stating your university completed years and expected year of graduation.
E. Recent university transcript
F. Certified Degrees and diplomas
3. Training (if available)
  A. Licences (CPL, IR, ALTP, RT, MCC)
B.Flying records (if any)
C.Log book (1st page & last 10 pages)
D.Training certificates
E.Professional letters of recommendation
4. Employment history (if any)
  A.Employment certificates
B.Employment letters of recommendation
5. Medical
  A.Medical screening form (download form 3)
  B.Medical statement form (download form 9)
  C.Medical application form (download form 10)
6. Legal
  A.Recent judicial record (with issuance date less than one month)  سجل عدلي حديث
  B. Loan request form (download form 4)
  C. Insurance forms (download form 5)
  D. Residency statement (download sample form 6)
  E. Residency report (افادة سكن) and ID for your guarantor
  F. Residency report (افادة سكن) for you.
  G. Bank Guarantee (Download sample form 7)
  H. Personal guarantee certified by Notary (Download sample form 8).
  I. Real estate title deed + copy (سند التمليك وصورة عنه)
7. Financial
  A.Copy of payment receipt or proof of money transfer of the examination fee.
8. Other Documents (for future use):
  A. Visa Application (download application)
  B. Visa Guidance material (download)
  C. FTE School Guidance material (download)
  D. FTE Assessment Guidance material (download)

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